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Since 1990, less than 0.5% of Canada’s forests have been lost to deforestation.[6]

Canada is recognized as a leader in sustainable management of our forests. Not only do we have some of the strictest provincial and federal regulatory frameworks in the world but Canadian foresters operating on public land (where 90% of Canada’s forests are located) must submit a comprehensive forest management plans for approval by provincial governments before a single tree is harvested.[2][20] We harvest less than 1% of forests designated for harvesting per year, replant between 400 and 600 million seedlings annually, and are working with nature to help our forests adapt to changing climate conditions.[5][9] What’s more, Canada leads the world in forest certification, managing 36% of the world’s certified forests, more than twice the area certified in any other country.[4] These voluntary certifications include commitments to reforestation, promoting wildlife habitats, biodiversity and water protection.



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