From Zero Waste to Net-Zero.
See how Canadian forestry is supporting a more sustainable future.
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New Documentary: "Capturing Carbon"
From the forest floor in BC to the front line fight in our cities, “Capturing Carbon” explores the role Canada’s forests will play in our collective fight against climate change. Watch the full documentary now
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From the United Nations
“There is no future without addressing climate change, and forests are a key component to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.”
We agree.
Forests that are managed sustainably are among the most powerful tools in our climate action toolbox and central to securing our net-zero carbon future. 
As stewards of the world’s most renewable resource, we take that responsibility seriously.
Canada’s forest sector is well-placed to support our transition to a low-carbon economy, finding nature-based solutions to climate change while creating the green, family-supporting jobs of tomorrow. 
And we’re doing it through world-leading sustainable practices that will keep our forests as forests forever.
Canada's Forest Sector
Helping Canada reach its climate targets through sustainable forestry.

Whether it’s reducing our sector’s emissions, ensuring our forests retain their carbon capture potential, growing our green economy, or providing environmentally-friendly alternatives to the products Canadians use every day, we’re doing our part to support a net-zero carbon future.

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Forestry Fact
Canada has retained more than 90% of its original forest cover
We harvest less than 1% of HarvestabLe Forests per year
we can remove 30 mt of CO2 every year — 10% of Canada's emissions targets or the equivalent of taking over 9 million cars off the road.
Since the early 1990s, we’ve reduced our GHG emissions by close to 70%
Canada’s forest sector is growing a greener, more inclusive economy and driving our country towards a net-zero carbon future.
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