Environmentally Friendly Alternatives

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Canada is a global leader in finding new ways to sustainably use our forests to combat climate change.

Emerging green industries converting wood waste into bioenergy and bioplastics will not only help grow our green economy, but are poised to support our net-zero carbon future by reimagining the resources and products we use every day through a greener, cleaner lens. For example:

  • Wood fibre-based straws and bioplastics are providing more environmentally friendly alternatives to the single-use plastics currently flooding our landfills and oceans.
  • Wood waste like the debris cleared from our forests and construction sites is being converted into the biomass that help reduce our country’s reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Wood lignin can being used to replace some of the fossil fuel-based bitumen used in the asphalt mix to build roads.
  • Wood fibre is being used to create more eco-friendly water filters, medical masks and paper products.
  • Tree sugars can be used in a range of bioplastics with medical applications such as bone implants.

With over 40% of our country blanketed by forests, renewable, sustainably sourced wood products can be the backbone of a greener economy. And as a world leader in sustainable management of our forests, Canadians can be assured that our forests, and the climate solutions they provide, are responsibly managed.



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