Environmentally-Friendly Alternatives

Canada is a global leader in finding new ways to sustainably use our forests to combat climate change. Whether that’s using wood waste to reduce emissions, providing society with more renewable energy options, or storing carbon in the products we use every day, Canadian forestry is advancing wood use in green and clean technologies to grow a greener economy and contribute to nature-based solutions to climate change.

Wood fibre-based straws, for example, provide a more environmentally-friendly alternative for Canadians, and tree sugars can be used in a range of bioplastics with medical applications such as bone implants. Wood lignin is being used to create more eco-friendly adhesives and asphalt while wood fibre is being used to create more sustainable water filters, medical masks, coffee cups and paper products and today, can be found in everyday objects like TVs, tennis rackets, and disinfectant wipes. 

As a renewable, sustainably-managed resource, using wood to reimagine the products we use every day supports a net-zero carbon future. But that’s not all — by adopting a zero-waste approach, we’re using what would otherwise be wood “waste” to create the biofuels that will help reduce our country’s reliance on fossil fuels. See how.

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