Canada leads the world in third-party forest certification, managing 36% of the world’s certified forests, more than twice the area certified in any other country, despite the fact that we are home to only 9% of the world’s total forests. Certifications ensure that forest management planning and practices in Canada are independently certified against a recognized sustainable forest management standard, adding an additional level of assurance of responsible forest practices from a country with some of the world’s toughest and well-enforced provincial and federal regulatory frameworks.

In addition to ensuring sustainable harvesting levels, these voluntary standards ensure our foresters are committed to keeping our forests as forests forever through the conservation of biological diversity, the maintenance of wildlife habitat and species diversity, and the protection of special sites (bear dens, nests, etc.), soil, and water. 

To learn more about forest certification in Canada and the practices that will help keep our forests as forests forever, visit Certification Canada today. 

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