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what's this about?

As the ultimate carbon sink, Canada’s forests can play a critical role in helping meet our country's climate change targets. But how we manage them matters.

Everyone knows that as a forest grows, trees absorb and store carbon. But over time our forests mature and decay, gradually losing their carbon-absorbing benefits and becoming susceptible to natural disturbances such as wildfire, pest outbreaks and disease that can release tremendous amounts of CO2 and other GHGs back into the atmosphere. Though these disturbances are normal in the forest, they are occurring at record-breaking levels as a result of climate change, turning our forests from climate change assets into liabilities.

That’s where Canada's forest sector comes in.

When we monitor our forests’ health and manage them through carefully planned harvesting and replanting, we can remove the overgrowth, decay and debris that accelerates natural disturbances, protecting our forests against the impacts of climate change and renewing their capacity to capture carbon for another generation. What’s more, because carbon stays locked in wood products long after trees leave the forest, sustainably-sourced wood products can create the everyday products we need to reduce our carbon emissions and power our country towards a cleaner, greener economy.

That’s why sustainable forest management matters — we’re working with nature to help our forests reach their full potential while producing the more environmentally-friendly, sustainably-sourced products we use everyday

what needs to be done?

As we reach a critical point in our collective fight against climate change, it’s essential that our government recognize the most powerful tools in our climate change toolbox. Our sustainably managed forests and sustainably-sourced forest products they provide are among those tools. Canada’s commitment to meeting 2050 emissions targets means ensuring our sector, a world leader in sustainable forest management, can maximize the carbon-capture potential of our forests.

Canada's Forest Sector Can Pull 30 Megatonnes of CO2 out of the Atmosphere Every Year.

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