Growing A Green Economy

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Canada is home to healthy and resilient forests that support the well-being of Canadians and our economy by creating thousands of green jobs while absorbing and storing vast amounts of carbon. Employing over 205,000 Canadians in the hundreds of communities we operate in, Canada’s forest sector generates $73 billion annually, and represents 11% of Canada’s GDP from manufacturing.

But part of growing a green economy is developing an inclusive economy, one that values sustainability alongside diversity and opportunity.

With nearly one third of the forest sector’s workforce retiring within 10 years, our sector is investing in the next generation of Canadians who will help shape a greener future. It also supports jobs in more than 400 Indigenous communities, employing 11,600 Indigenous workers. And, through programs like #TakeYourPlace, the Greenest Workforce, and the Outland Youth Education Program, we are committed to building an inclusive sector, one that supports the growth of women, Indigenous Peoples, new Canadians, and youth.

Growing Canada’s forests will generate many long-term benefits such as increasing biodiversity, cleaning air and water, creating green jobs, reducing community risks to natural disasters, cooling cities, and enhancing the well-being of Canadians for generations to come.



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