Sustainable Forestry
Through world-leading sustainable practices, we’re keeping our forests as forests forever. 
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Forestry Fact
Canada has retained more than 90% of its original forest cover; we harvest less than 1% of forests per year and replant 400 to 600 million seedlings annually.

Canada’s forests have a critical role to play in our collective fight against climate change. But how we manage them matters. 

Canada is recognized as a global leader in how we sustainably manage our forests.

Not only do we have among the most robust provincial and federal regulatory frameworks in the world — requiring foresters to engage in extensive community consultation and submit a 100 to 200 year plan for the forest before a single tree is harvested — but Canada leads the world in third-party forest certification. These voluntary and internationally recognized standards add a layer of independent verification and assurance that not only is harvesting occurring at sustainable rates, but that tree species and biodiversity within the forest is preserved, wildlife habitats and special sites (bear dens, nests, etc.) are protected, and that the water and soil critical to healthy forests and communities is maintained. 

These sustainable practices matter. Not only do they ensure that we keep our forests as forests forever, but with worsening wildfire and pest outbreaks, Canada’s professional foresters are playing a critical ‘boots on the ground’ role, keeping our communities safer from fire risks and supporting forest health. And healthy forests mean they can live up to the decisive role they have to play in our collective fight against climate change. 

Our forests offer a natural advantage in our collective fight against climate change.

Learn more about how sustainable forest management and harvested wood products work together to help capture and store carbon and serve as a powerful nature-based solution to climate change. 

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