Canadian Forestry is Sustainable Forestry

We’re Doing Our Part — For Our Families And Our Forests

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, Canada’s forest products industry has been hard at work delivering urgently needed, critical products that are helping Canadians and Americans weather this unprecedented crisis. And we’re doing it responsibly.

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What's this about?

Our industry plays a vital part in the supply chains that produce many of the critical goods Canadians and Americans have needed to keep safe during COVID-19: masks and gowns for the health care sector; packaging for food and pharmaceuticals and; hygiene products like tissue and toilet paper. And because of its important role, the Government of Canada designated the forestry sector an essential service, to prevent shortages of key items we need and use every day.

But despite the value placed on our products, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a U.S.-based lobby group, has chosen this time to release a report critical of Canada’s forestry sector. Regrettably, this report misrepresents our industry and makes numerous false claims and accusations.

The NRDC ignores some basic facts:

Canadian Forestry Fact:

Most Fibre in Toilet Paper is Made From Waste

Most fibre in toilet paper is made from waste materials – the byproduct of making lumber for home-building and other uses — not from fully developed trees.

Canadian Forestry Fact:

Sustainable Forestry is the Law in Canada

Forest companies operating in Canada’s publicly held forests are required to harvest at sustainable rates – that means they harvest less than 0.5% of available timber per year but plant over 600 million seedlings while monitoring these areas to ensure the establishment of healthy forests.

Canadian Forestry Fact:

FPAC Members are Third-Party Certified

FPAC member companies must have third-party sustainable forest management certification – which includes not only commitments to reforestation, but also promoting wildlife habitats, biodiversity, and water protection.

The Fact Is...

Canadian Forestry is Sustainable Forestry.

We use almost 100% of every tree we harvest, support biodiversity and water preservation in our forests, and plant 1,000 new trees every minute. And the United Nations (UN) has not only validated Canada’s approach to sustainable forest management but recognized the role it plays in reaching our global climate targets.

Canada’s forest sector uses almost 100% of every tree harvested.  Wood chips, sawdust, and bark make products like toilet paper, masks, hospital gowns, bioplastics, textiles and biofuels.

We plant 600M seedlings per year and the healthy, young, regenerating forests we plant pull more carbon out of the atmosphere per unit area than almost any other type of land cover

From building taller with carbon-storing wood to using wood chips to make bioplastics, innovation in our forest sector is lowering our carbon footprint and supporting our place as a leader in the emerging circular economy

We're Doing Our Part...

...For Our Forests and Our Families.

The pandemic has shone a light on the importance of forest products from Canada and we are responsibly harnessing the power of this renewable resource to provide for Canadians. From the 230,000 Canadians we employ in family-supporting jobs to the premium reinforced pulp that goes into medical masks to everyday items like toilet paper, sanitary wipes, paper towels – we have embraced our role not only as environmental stewards but as essential providers and remain committed to keeping our forests as forests forever.

If you support sustainable forest management, show your support for Canada’s forestry sector today!